Creating a cone-shaped DEM

Discussion created by chriko8 on May 6, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2013 by matteoli
Dear all,

for a hydrological analysis, i have to create an idealized mountain, shaped as a cone.
The task seems to be easy, but it does not work out. These are the steps I made:

- I created a line feature, consisting of six concentric circles (diameters: 1200m-200m, Z_Values:0m-1000m), representing the contours,
- a point featre (Z_Value:1000m), representing a height point,
- a polygon feature (concentric to the conture lines, diameter 1250m), representing the boundary

Then I used the "Topo to raster" tool, to interpolate the DEM, but ArcMap always returns several errors (010235,010067,010089,...)

Initally I used "float" as data type for the Z_Values, than I changed it to integer, without any improvement.
I tried it with both features with and without included Z-values, but none of them worked out.

I would appreciate any idea, suggestion,...