Query Service Description from Map Package

Discussion created by matthewb on May 5, 2013

We have implemented versioning on our Map Packages and I would like to query the build version that I insert as part of the package creation script when the service is initialised. Can someone please provide a code snippet or point me in the general direction?

Also I have noticed that the HTML server pages don't appear show much metadata from the MXD/MPK. (How are things like "Service Description" and "Map Name" populated? My services are all blank in the HTML view.)

If I look at the JSON view for the map service, I can see (way, way, way down the bottom) are some entries under documentInfo that appear to come from the MXD/Map Package, although the wording is slightly different and not everything comes through to the service. There also appear to be extras in the JSON view.

I've also noticed that the Package Map tool only has "Summary" and "Tags" as optional inputs and it would be great to extent this to include others.