IE9 basemap goes blank after zoom

Discussion created by dbecker88 on May 3, 2013
have an app with 30 or so featLayers.

After a user search findTask fills a dataGrid with up ~100 rows, dataGrid onRowClick handler creates a new extent from the graphic point and map.setExtent navigates/zooms to point. The dataGrid rows are points in states, Arkansas AR and California CA for example.

in IE9 ONLY if newExt is inside the visible scale of the featLayers, it will work when onRowClicking points in the same state, CA for example. But, as soon as you click an AR point, the basemap goes white. Doesn't matter what basemap, topo, bing aerial, ect...

If I change the new extent to -1000 this is outside the visible scale of the featLayers and you can click on any point and everything works great.

Could anyone suggest a solution?

function onRowClickHandler(evt) {
 var clickedFac = grid1.getItem(evt.rowIndex).aField;
 var selectedFac;
 dojo.forEach(hoverGraphicsLayer.graphics, function(graphic) {
  if ((graphic.attributes) && graphic.attributes.aField == clickedFac) {
   selectedFac = graphic;

 var xMin, yMin, xMax, yMax;
 xMin = selectedFac.geometry.x - 600;
 yMin = selectedFac.geometry.y - 600;
 xMax = selectedFac.geometry.x - -600;
 yMax = selectedFac.geometry.y - -600;
 var newExt = new esri.geometry.Extent(xMin,yMin,xMax,yMax,map.spatialReference);
 //map.centerAndZoom(selectedFac.geometry, 16); //wouldn't fire every time a dataGrid row is clicked