ArcGIS Server Administrator API for 10.1- Create Service method question

Discussion created by jimkci on May 3, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2013 by ciava.at
I am attempting to use the AGS 10.1 SP1 Administrator REST API to create a map service (eventually from .NET, but testing using Fiddler right now).  Referencing the Create Service help I am able to alter the Example JSON object to get a successful creation response from AGS.  However, I am not able to start the service manually.

Before I go deeper into the issue, I realized the example points to a ".msd" file as the source of the service.  However, it seems that in 10.1, the msd files have been deprecated and ".sd" definitions are used.  But, when trying to use the API method with a sd file I get an invalid file type response error.

So, my first question, when using the Administrator API, what type of file should be used as the source of the service?  Thanks.