Tool stops executing if file not found

Discussion created by DezHoza on May 3, 2013
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Hello everyone. Iam relatively new to Python coding and have a simple question. I want to execute a tool, in this case, the Copy Features tool. I want this tool to copy files 1-16. The problem is not every file exists. For example, file 5 does not exist so the tool stops running.

for x in range (01,17):
...  arcpy.CopyFeatures_management("C:\\datafile" + "%02d" % (x,)", "C:\\GDB.gdb\\datafile" + "%02d" % (x,))

It copies files 01-04 but because 05 does not exist, the tool will abort the operation. How could I get it so if the file does not exist, the tool will copy the next file that does exist?