Symbolise 3 fields in a single layer

Discussion created by steveattt on May 1, 2013
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I have a polygon table with 3 fields - cats, dogs, dangerous dogs

I need to present this as three symbols:
cats as a 45 degree hatch
dogs as a 135 degree hatch
dangerous dogs as a solid red outline
(for example - I only include this detail to clarify what i need to do)

- obviously there is overlap between the fields

I don't have a separate field that combines these - and it is preferred not to create such a field at the SQL Server end.

As its a map service, and performance is already an issue, I'd prefer not to bring the layer in multiple times. This would also present problems in the map service legend.

In ArcIMS this was a snap in the axl code  - but now we're on ArcGIS online we need to do this in an mxd.

Is this achievable?