Viewing 3D model online

Discussion created by pjstrohm on May 1, 2013
Latest reply on May 3, 2013 by mminami-esristaff

I have a DEM and a corresponding orthoimage on my local computer.  I'm able to open them up in ArcScene, drape the ortho over the DEM and view it in 3D.  I'd like to be able to share this model with others online and I'm told that ArcGIS Online can do this.  I can't figure it out, however.  It looks like ArcScene only exports files in .wrl format and ArGIS Online can't import that file type.

It should be pretty simple, right?  Just need to go from DEM + ortho to an online viewer that has a link I can send to others.  Pretty stuck right now, though.  Any help is appreciated.