Building a street index

Discussion created by mbarszczowski on May 1, 2013
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Hi All,

I am trying to create a street index for a series of map books that we produce in our organisation...

The map books contain many pages and each page contains several suburbs and many streets/roads. What we are trying to achieve is a street index which contains the following columns: a) Street name b) The suburb in which that street is c) Page number that it appears on d) the X,Y grid reference of the piece of annotation that identifies the street.

We can create an index that satisfies all of the above criteria but it gets a bit more complex than that as we want to list every suburb that the street goes through (not just the suburb, page number and X,Y co-ords of where the annotation sits) but have the grid reference referencing only the closest related annotation for the given street. e.g. Main Street runs through suburbs A and B on page 41 and Suburb C on page 42 but the annotation sits within Suburb B on page 41 at grid ref 257-945 and Suburb C on page 42 at grid ref 257-015. So we want Main Street to be listed as existing in Suburbs A and B on Page 41 and Suburb C on page 42 but the co-ordinates of each record to be referencing the location of the annotation on each page.

For example...

Name               |    Suburb    |    Page   |    Ref        

Main Street    |   A   |      41   |    257-945
Main Street    |   B   |      41   |    257-945
Main Street    |   C   |      42   |    257-015

We also want to list only the roads that are annotated/labelled and leave out the roads that weren't labelled. This rules out using the roads layer to generate the index as that would result in an index containing all the roads in the dataset whereas in reality not all the roads are labelled and we don't want to list a road that is not labelled as the user may not be able to determine which street it is due to a lack of a label.

So far, I have an annotation feature class which contains a text string field containing the road name in full, an X co-ordinate field populated with the X co-ordinate of the piece of text, and a Y co-ordinate field populated with the Y co-ordinate of the piece of text. Next I've got a roads feature class which has been dissolved so that all roads of the same name are merged into one, then the result was intersected with the page extents featureclass so each road record contains the page number it appears on (as a result, road lines are split at the page boundary), and then that result was intersected again against the suburbs featureclass so that each road also contains the suburb it appears in and is also split at the suburb boundary. This featureclass contains a Name field containing the road name in full, Suburb field containing the suburb name and Page Number field containing the page number.

If anybody would have any idea on how to generate such an index, I would appreciate any assistance. I have tried table joins and spatial joins to no avail.