Pulling attachments

Discussion created by jonathanmhaller on May 1, 2013
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I created a hosted feature service from ArcMap. I enabled attachments and had a weekend of casual test collections. The attachments show up in AGO and there are copies stored on my phone. I want to pull all the attachments in one shot so I brought the hosted feature service into ArcMap and created a local copy for edit. Then I went to that local copy to download the attachments but it does not recognize that they are there. When I go to 'manage' and 'enable attachments' it is greyed out.

Am I missing a step? When I downloaded it as a shapefile it came with Global IDs, do I need to set that up in the local copy? Or is there a way to get a field that autofills with the image name from the phone? This way I could take my phone local copies and just download and field calculate out the names.