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Robust way for testing geometric equivalence

Question asked by ginomellino on Apr 30, 2013
Latest reply on May 1, 2013 by ginomellino
Hi all,

Can I please get some advice as to how to use IRelationalOperator on geometries from different layers with different spatial references? I have a routine which gets a test and base feature cursor from 2 layers and then iterates through each feature in the test cursor and compares it to each feature in the base cursor using IRelationalOperator::Equals to determine if a match is found. This works perfectly if the features have the same spatial reference. However if I get the same layer and export it into a different spatial reference then the routine will return False for all features.

I have tried assigning the IFeautre:Shapecopy to an IGeometry, setting the .Spatial Reference and then calling IGeometry::Project but still am not having any luck.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks guys