Plot data from another system on an Arcserver map

Discussion created by pdomja on Apr 30, 2013
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I'm pretty new to Arc server and could do with some pointers on the the best way to achieve the following.

We have a new CRM system which logs problems reported by the public. The location, including XY are held in the CRM database. To prevent duplicate reporting of the same issue we need to display the locations of recently reported cases of the same incident type on a map.

It has been decided that the incidents will only be held in the CRM system and a layer will not be created and held in our corporate SDE.

The current aim is that when a new case is raised in the CRM system any existing cases already logged in the same vicinity will be displayed on a map. The intention is to pass existing case locations from the CRM to an ArcServer page as a URL.

This CRM data will then be plotted as a graphics layer over basemapping served from our corporate SDE. Information may be passed back based on whether the new case is located within land we own.

Can any one give me any hints on how to start plotting the CRM cases passed via the URL within an arcserver page?

Am I correct that a graphics layer should be used to display the features from the CRM on the map?

Thanks in advance.