Sociology student needs help! How to compare IDW Interpolation results to crime rates

Discussion created by dr_moffett on Apr 30, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2013 by andrew.pearce.carter
I am a novice to GIS and need some help on which statistical test to run on my data. 

I have created 13 polygons (which are buildings) on one layer.  I used point data (of a social phenomenon) surrounding the buildings and assigned the point data a score of 1-6 depending on their intensity.  I ran an IDW interpolation and came up with a map to show the spatial extent and intensity of this social phenomenon.

I would like know which spatial statistics test I should run to see if my IDW interpolation map is somehow affecting crime rates in my sample area (the crime rates are also point data for each crime event which has occurred over a year in the same sample area).