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Would like to turn off Identify symbology

Question asked by RockvilleGIS on Apr 29, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by RockvilleGIS
I have cobbled together a javascript map application to be used for determining if an address is within our City limits.  The application combines functionality of the geocode and identify samples.  After pressing the Locate button, an address is found, zoomed to, marked by a symbol, and then a popup automatically appears to display Identify results of whether the location is in City limits or not.

Here is the URL for the map:  (I have disabled zooming to the result in order to demonstrate the problem.)

Note that the outline of the polygon for within City limits is highlighted, but I don't need or want that for the purpose of this app.  How can I disable or null out the highlighting of the polygon which is the object of the Identify function? 

I won't copy the source code here since it is visible in the web page.  This is my first attempt at a javascript map, so you can take that into consideration.  I did get some help from someone who knows javascript but not GIS.