Overlapping rasters

Discussion created by shawnccon on Apr 29, 2013
I am using the raster calculator to add together several rasters. The problem I'm having is that the result only displays those areas where all of the rasters overlap. I understand that those areas that do not overlap any other raster and contain "no data" will not show in the result, but I thought that any overlapping areas would show, not just areas where all the rasters overlap. For example, if I add Raster1+Raster2+Raster3, I want to see results for where Raster1 and Raster2 overlap, not just where Raster1, 2, and 3 overlap.

Also, my understanding was that if the cells that don't overlap contained a 0 instead of "no data", then those cells would show in the result as well. However, they still drop out.

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!