From-to and To-from information

Discussion created by prummerfl on Apr 27, 2013
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Hi all,

I work on a network where I want to differentiate between driving direction in terms of speed, meaning that one direction should have a lower/higher average speed than the other one. I'm aware that for this I have to create new attributes, for instance something like "FT_speed" and "TF_speed". Then I would create new attributes where the information of the driving direction is held. And there is my problem: the Help says (e.g. here that "0" indicates the starting point of the line feature "as defined by its digitized direction", "1" the ending point.
Well, I'm using OpenStreetMap data so I have no possibility to know the direction in which the feature was digitized, right? Am I missing some detail here? Or is there another way to get the info into the data?

Any help here is very much appreciated!
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