Problem determining raster overlap

Discussion created by wjanderso on Apr 26, 2013
Hey, I???m having some difficulty figuring out my way forward here. I know there are multiple options but that has only added to my confusion so far. Here???s my problem,
I have vector data for a state that is divided up into counties. Counties are the unit of analysis here. For that given state, I have also raster National Land Cover Data (NLCD) and gSSURGO gridded soils data. I???ve reclassified the NLCD data so that it only shows land in agriculture for the state. My definition for agricultural land consists of pasture/hay (81) and cultivated crops (82). From the state soils data, I???m interested in land capability class information, specifically the non-irrigated classification system that is on a scale that runs 1 ??? 8. However, soil that is not necessarily used for agriculture is rated (almost the entire state has classification coverage). Therefore, there is some further work to do here.
My goal is to determine the area/amount of each soil type (1-8) devoted toward agriculture (81+82) in each county in the given state. To reiterate, this will enable me to calculate a soil quality measure that gives the proportion of soil classes (say 1-3) to the total agricultural land [i.e. given that the land is (81+82)], for each county.
Any help greatly appreciated!