No background on infoWindow

Discussion created by jjmiller1980 on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by jjmiller1980
I'm working on an application that requires that the infoWindow pop ups work outside of the map as well as inside.  I have the pop up working, but for some reason there is no background, just text. 
I've created an infoWindow object like this:

<div data-dojo-id="infowindow" 
data-dojo-type="esri.dijit.InfoWindow" ></div>

Once I get the data I need from my database, I do this:
infowindow.setTitle("Milepost Summary");

I then do an infowindow.show to make it pop up.  This all works, but when I get my pop up, it's just text, no background.  If I change my code back to the way it was before I had the requirement of pop-ups outside of the map, everything looks fine.  This is by creating the infoTemplate, adding it to the graphic and triggering it that way. However, I can't take this infoWindow outside of the map. 

Does anyone know what might cause this?