No option for string-type descriptor

Discussion created by dforgac on Apr 24, 2013
Hello everyone
I can't see any possibility to add string descriptor to my network dataset. As it seams, only numeric types of descriptor are available.
What I want to do is create a parameterized restriction using road identificator (which is of string type) as input parameter to avoid specified road in tracing.
The restriction evaluator script should be something like:

Dim restrict,param
restrict = False
param = ParameterValueByName("roadIdStringParam")
If (Edge.AttributeValueByName( "roadIdStringDescriptor" ) = param) Then
restrict = True
End If

of course, it doesn't work because roadIdStringDescriptor cannot be defined as string.

Does anybody have any suggestion for a workaround? Or am I getting it all wrong?
I am using ArcGis 10.1.
Thanks in advance