Migration from 10 to 10.1

Discussion created by langersmclang on Apr 23, 2013
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I am relatively new to using the ArcGIS libraries, so forgive me if this is off target.

Apparently the historical approach is to move client installs to the latest ArcGIS, and then the SDE server at a later date.

Hence, at the moment, we've moved our client code base to run against 10.1, connect to a 10.1 Licence Server, but connect to the 10 SDE database.

I've updated the C# code to reference the 10.1 assemblies, compiles ok, however when running I get a COMException "The operation was attempted on an empty geometry" (PointClass).

Should I be able to run as described (client 10.1, Licence Server 10.1, SDE 10)?

Or do I need to migrate code as part of the move from 10 to 10.1?