Random assignment of households to parcels

Discussion created by sgurram on Apr 23, 2013
I have a record of synthesized households for my county. These households are synthesized using the American Community Survey data. When I say "synthesized households" these are nothing but records of households with detailed demographic information like household size, household income. I also know the census block-group under which each household falls.

I also have a detailed parcel level data for my county. Parcels are highly resolved smaller chunks of land. There can different types of parcels (ex: single family, multi family, non-residential etc).

My Question:
I want to randomly assign my synthesized households into the parcels based on the household and parcel characteristics. For example, I know the block-group for a household. I can relate this to one or many parcels within the blockgroup. Then, I need to randomly assign the household to one of the parcels. Is this possible in ArcGIS or am I asking for too much?

I know there are a few details here that could be confusing. Please let me know if you have any questions about the details.

I do not know if this the right sub-forum for this question. Please tell me if this is not.