ArcMap not responding - Waiting on splwow64.exe

Discussion created by jhatfield_sncomm on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2019 by g3martin
I am doing a lot of conversions from CAD drawings to GIS and every so often I am running into a problem.  After adding the CAD drawings to a geodatabase, I then use spatial adjustment to move the prints to the correct coordinates as they aren't accurately placed by default.  I then choose to Save Edits from the Editor toolbar.  On certain geodatabases, this will go to Not Responding and never save the changes, while on others it works fine.  I noticed that when I analyze the wait chain on the ArcMap process, it shows that it's waiting on splwow64.exe.  That's the print spooler for 32-bit apps in a 64-bit environment.  I'm not trying to print anything, so why would it be waiting on that?  I see that there are comments about having a default printer and I do have a local (USB) default printer set up.  Also, all files I'm working with are local rather than on a network drive.  The license server is on a network drive, however.

ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1 SP1
Windows 7 64-bit
3 GHz CoreDuo CPU

Any help would be appreciated.  Any geodatabase that has this problem always has the problem no matter how many times I try it.  It even has the problem if I recreate the geodatabase with the same data.  Yet some other geodatabases with different data work fine, while others also fail with this same problem.

To reproduce this, I am just adding the geodatabase layers (2), starting editing on all layers, spatially adjust the map, and saving edits.  Everything works fine until I choose to save the edits.

Edit: It would be nice if there was some option to see a progress of what's being done when saving edits so you know if it's working or locked up.  I let one of these run overnight (about 14 hours) just in case it was actually doing something, but it was still not responding in the morning.  It shouldn't be hard to add an optional display of what record it's on -- Processing record 5 out of 150,000 or something like that.  Anytime there is a long process that could potentially take hours, a progress bar or data of some sort is really useful.  I'm surprised at the lack of that in ArcMap.  Background processing at least has something, but it's not really all that useful and doesn't affect things like spatially adjusting a map or saving changes.