Multiple legs of network analysis?

Discussion created by kear1384 on Apr 22, 2013
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I am interested in solving a problem in which the cost of transportation changes at (as of yet unselected) depots and is then transported to a final destination.  Say I have cows spread all over and they are shipped at a higher cost to processing plants (depots) and then shipped to a distributor at a lowered cost (final destination).  My depots would be selected from cities and the final destination would be chosen from a shorter list of larger cities.

I have a few questions. 

1. Is there a built in function within network analyst to do this?
2. If not, is there a seprate script which makes this possible / where can I search for additional scripts?

3.  Would the best plan of attack to be the selection of the final destination points and then building toward toward the depots which would then be used to define the coverage area.

Or define the depots from the coverage area first and then attempt to select the final destination?  My worry with the latter is that non of the larger cities will actually be optimal when the other depots could be altered to correct it.

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