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Default Editing Widget - Capture Point

Question asked by jjtrier on Apr 22, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2013 by jjtrier
Apologies if a similar question was asked before...

When using the default editing widget (using code from this sample), how can I capture the the geometry of the user-added feature?  Using Firebug I can see this data in the JSON payload sent to the server during the ApplyEdits operation (i.e. XY coordinates of a new point).  Is there an event I can connect to in order to capture that data? 

I tried:

//Try #1, didn't fire or give an error  dojo.connect(editorWidget, 'onDrawEnd', function(evt){      console.log(evt); });   //Try #2, nothing  dojo.connect(map.getLayer(, 'onclick', function(evt){      console.log(evt); });   

Thanks for your help!