Using Enthought Canopy with ArcGIS/ArcPy

Discussion created by jweaver1337 on Apr 22, 2013
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What is the best method for developing Python scripts for ArcGIS in a third-party installation of Python and IDE? I have tried using the suggested workflow from ESRI... that being the included installation of Python and PythonWin for the IDE. Unfortunately, these will not be sufficient or enjoyable so I was hoping to use the Canopy (formerly EPD) IDE (utilizing PyLab, etc.) for development with access to those elements that are available in the ArcGIS "preferred" environment.

I'm sure there are multiple steps to accomplishing this, and one problem may be that I have the 64-bit installation of Canopy (which I can uninstall and install the 32-bit version if necessary), but I was wondering if anyone has attempted to tackle this. I didn't want to start experimenting with environment variables until I was sure that I had the appropriate installations, as well as an understanding of what I was trying to accomplish.

Thanks in advance for any help with this problem.

Windows 7
ArcGIS Desktop 10.1
Enthought Canopy (Python 2.7.3 64-bit)

I apologize if this has been answered previously, but I couldn't find an existing good explanation on the forum. Please redirect if solution already exists.