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Social Media Template - YouTube layer no longer returns results?

Question asked by mgallant83 on Apr 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2014 by MDriscoll-esristaff
I have had success using the Social Media ready-made template within ArcGIS Online; it allows users to show georeferenced results (as points or clusters) from Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube. However, I noticed a few days ago that a YouTube layer I had set-up months ago which used to show hundreds of results throughout my entire map is now only showing TWO results for my entire map.

I revisited my application's configuration options since my first instinct was that maybe a few settings had changed or I needed to reset my YouTube search terms. I made sure the date option was set to "All time". After a few minutes of toying with various options I was never able to reach more than two results for my entire map, when there should be hundreds, if not thousands.

Is the YouTube feature no longer supported? Does YouTube no longer allow georeferenced videos to be accessed by ArcGIS Online? Does the Social Media template functionality just whither away after a few months, forcing me to make the application again from the original web map?