submitJob not working in IE

Discussion created by dhaines on Apr 19, 2013
I have a geoprocessing task setup on server and it is working as it should.  I???ve put together a webpage that will call the geoprocesing task and report the results.  When I am running in debug mode on localhost in IE9 everything works as it should.  When I view the page from the webserver in Chrome and Safari, everything works.  However it will not work in IE9 (or compatibility mode). 

By debugging in IE9 and other testing, what I???ve discovered is that IE is always getting back a status of ???esriJobSubmitted??? even though I know it???s been completed.  If I go and type in the jobID and plug it into the REST service, the geoprocessing task will report the job as being completed successfully, but the webpage still is getting back that it???s only been submitted.  It???s as if it???s only getting the first response and then just repeating it.

To sum it up in pseudo code:

gpTask.submitJob(parms, completeCallback, statusCallback);

function statusCallback(jobInfo) {
var status = jobInfo.jobStatus;// this always results esriJobSummitted with IE9 (except on localhost) ,  but gets actual status  Chrome/Safari

function completeCallback(jobInfo) {
//never gets called when on IE9 (except on localhost),  but does in Chrome/Safari