Choosing a kriging method and deciding on transformations

Discussion created by kyanuk1 on Apr 18, 2013

I am looking to create surface maps of ski resort attributes to visualize areas of the country where variation in these attributes occur.

Attributes are:

Ticket Price
Percentage of beginner slopes
Percentage of intermediate slopes
Percentage of advanced slopes
Annual average snowfall
Percentage of artificial snow creation
Total lifts
Total terrain
Total trails
Vertical Drop (elevation)

I have been reading over using geostatistical analyst for creating surfaces, and I am looking for advice on a few details.

First of all, when should I worry about having a normal distribution of data for transformation (apart from simple kriging)? 
Related, which kriging method would be best suited for this kind of data?  Should I always look for normal distrubtion and trend removals regardless of kriging method?