A somewhat simple question:  multiple sites on the same ArcGIS Server machine?

Discussion created by jread on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2013 by ccorwin15
We are preparing to setup a test environment for an implementation of a new version of a work order management system that is integrated with our GIS.  We have a FLEX viewer running on ArcGIS Server that provide a lot of our data (as well as some other functionality).

For the test environment, they want to have three separate environments for configuration:  development, test and production.  We are trying to determine what our needs are on the GIS side, and our ArcGIS Server developer is out of the country for a few weeks.  My question is (and I think the answer is "yes"):  can we have three copies of our FLEX application all on the same server?  This server will likely be a virtual machine, and we will just have a "Dev, Test, and Prod" copy of our application all on the same machine.  To get to one of them, you would just type in the URL that went to that version of the application?

Is this something that we could do?  Would we run into a lot of performance issues (there would only be a handful of people using it at a time)?  I'm thinking we could just have three different folders that housed all of the files associated with each copy of the viewer.