can the Locators/TA_Streets_US_10 file be downloaded?

Discussion created by merlinmlmarshall on Apr 17, 2013

I have ArcGIS v 10.0, SP 5.  When I batch geocode addresses, I use the 10.0 Streets Geocode Service (ArcGIS Online) to do the geocoding.  It uses Locators/TA_Streets_US_10.

My supervisor would like me to download this locator, so that I can geocode different data sets to the exact same locator each time.

I have a folder in my ArcGIS install that says StreetMap2012, with a layer that says North_America_Detailed_Streets, but this apparently is not a locator, because when I navigate to that folder, it does not show any locators.  Maybe my IT person didn't download everything from the installation disk to my folder?

In previous ArcGIS incarnations, there were folders like the Streetmap2007 folder which contained subfolders called Streets which contained several different StreetMapUSA locators.

In poking around to try to find an answer, I see that TA_Streets_US_10 was last updated June2012, that is the final update, and this will be phased out, so my question may be moot.  Apparently it isn't even used in version 10.1.

In any case, can the TA_Streets_US_10 locator be downloaded to my computer?