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Web Service security settings not sticking

Question asked by smenefee on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on May 1, 2013 by jpfrye
We are currently using the following

Identity Store - Active Directory
Roles - ArcGIS Server Built in
Authentication - GIS Tier

Currently we have all of our services available to the public because we don't have any of them locked down.  We also have an external flex app looking at the services.  I want to create some specific services that I only want seen by internal people.

When I clicked on the open lock next to one of the services, I am able to succesfully mark it as Private and assign it a built-in ArcGIS role that I have added some of our Active Directory members to.  When I clicked Save it says it is saved and the lock shows up as locked.  However, when I refresh the screen or logout and back in, the service is again unlocked and doesn't remember the security I setup for it.  I am logged in as the PSA.  Am I doing something wrong, why isn't the security settings sticking??  I appreciate any and all help!