sde duplicate geometry being created (error cannot insert duplicate key on reconcile)

Discussion created by jkindave on Apr 16, 2013
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I am managing a production workflow with about a half-dozen editors in a versioned environment set up against a single ArcSDE instance (SQL Server 2008).  Every once in a while something will happen where the editors will begin getting errors on reconcile about duplicate keys.  Upon looking into the issue, I discovered that though there are two physical records in the geometry (duplicates) but only one record in the business table and the system will not allow a delete of the object(s).  My initial thought was "multi-part feature" so explode, of course the result was "no multipart features found...".

Since it would not let the editor reconcile, I have been able to delete the affected version and recreate it minimizing the losses but it's still a loss...

Here's the thing.  I am using Excel to track and report editing progress.  I do this by executing sql queries (built and tested in SQL Server) through Excel data connections to read the contents into a worksheet, pivot the results and create graphs and charts.  This is nothing new.  I've been doing this for years and have never had a problem before.  However, I've surmised that the error happens when there are active editing sessions and I run the reports.

I have therefore suspended the use of tracking progress using Excel but now I am faced with reporting progress some other way.

If anyone understands what may be happening here I would appreciate some insight so I can plan a new path for reporting.

Thank you,

Dave Jenkins