Workgroup ArcSDE and enterprise ArcGIS Server?

Discussion created by xiannian on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 1, 2013 by dlaw-esristaff
Hi, guys,

I have two questions about Workgroup ArcSDE and I don't know they are related or not.

Our ArcGIS Server is at Enterprise level, and I have Workgroup ArcSDE through SQL Server Express configured on the same machine. The ArcSDE license/authorization file I used is the same as the Enterprise ArcGIS Server. The Workgroup ArcSDE authorization process went through without any problem.

The first question: Can I configure Workgroup ArcSDE under Enterprise license level?

The second question is: I can create a geodatabase by using the Database Server node at ArcCatalog. In the built connection, there is a command for "New Geodatabase" when I right-clicked. In the popup window, it lets me type in the Geodatabase Name, specifying the location of the storage, the size of the storage, and so on. After clicking OK button, it takes some seconds before the geodatabase name shows in the connection. But the geodatabase name disappears when I hit the refresh button, and the storage file is not created at the location I specified. I don't know why. Is it a bug from ESRI, or different licence level between Workgroup ArcSDE and Enterprise ArcGIS Server?