Help With Grouping Analyst

Discussion created by flyersfors21 on Apr 16, 2013
Hey all,
  I am a Junior at Rowan University and I am doing a project for my GIS class and I need a way to limit the amount of entries that are put into a group when using grouping analyst. I have 30 location points and I want my result to have 4 groups with no more than 8 points in a group. (If you are an NHL fan, verification of the new conference re-alignment is my project topic.) And hints or tips or tricks to be able to get this to work that would be great. When I use grouping analyst, the analysis fields are distances between any pair of locations. I weight it using a .swm file that puts a "viewership" rating to each game. Both distance and viewership are based on 0-1 scale. 1 is used as best case (most viewed or smallest distance) 0 is worst case (least viewed or largest distance). I can upload screenshots later if needed. Thanks in advance

Douglas Foglein