Join multiple shapes in a workspace based on a common field

Discussion created by veroteruel on Apr 16, 2013
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Hello all!!

I???m completely stucked!!! I???m working with meteorological data (wind) but I have to arrange the data for a program to be able to process it. I have text files, two per day (one with the wind direction and the other with the speed).

I???m working with ArcGis 10, Model Builder and my little knowledge on python.

I???ve already manage to calculate in a point shapefile the date and the information, if it???s direction or speed, because it was information available only in the filename.

But now, I don???t know how to join the two files together. The fields schema I have it???s like:

POINT_ID / DATE / WIND (dir or spd) / ID_DATE (unique field) // DIR / SPD

I have like 1000 days to process and I have no idea how to continue!! The goal would be to make a join based on the ID_DATE field, so I have a unique file for each day instead of two, with the pertinent values of DIR and SPD (already calculated for each individual file).

I suppose it might be something like reading through all the files in a directory and when finding the common field equal perform the join??? The date information it???s still in the filename, just in case it might help???

Hope I have explained properly??? sorry for my English!! And really really thank you for any help!!!!