No response after I submit the GP Service request. why?

Discussion created by robertzsl on Apr 15, 2013
Hi every one, thank your for your attention. i need help.

In my application, i need to do the Kriging interpolation work online. so, i published a GP Service for the kriging interpolation. the service require a input parameter witch type is GPFeatureRecordSetLayer, and it return a GPRasterDataLayer.

In the client, i get the data from my database, and use them to create graphics.
I use the asynchronous form to get the result.
But after i submit my request, Why there is nothing response? even the statusCallback function didn't be triggered.

That's why ?

relative code:

submitJob code:
gp.submitJob( {"Points_Input" : featureSet} , completeCallback, statusCallback );//the parameters were created before.

statusCallback function:
function statusCallback(jobInfo)
       var status = jobInfo.jobStatus;
       dojo.byId("messages").innerHTML = "Status: " + status;

completeCallback function:
function completeCallback(jobInfo)
       var imageParams = new esri.layers.ImageParameters(); 
       gp.getResultImageLayer(jobInfo.jobId, "Image_Output",imageParams, displayResult);

display the result:
function displayResult(layer)