esri.config.defaults.io.proxyUrl is not set.

Discussion created by jason53220 on Apr 12, 2013
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I am getting this error when I try to connect to a secured service. Here is the scenario.

ArcGIS for Server is behind our corporate firewall.  Access to this server from outside the firewall is over https.  IP traffic from the firewall/proxy to the server is http. 

From my local developer machine, I added a dynamic layer -- http://internalservername/arcgis/rest/services/test/mapserver.  When I view the site using FireFox, the IdentityManager appears as expected.

Now I added a second dynamic layer -- https://externalservername.com/arcgis/rest/services/test/mapserver, pointing to the same exact service, on the same server. 

When I refresh the browser, I am challenged twice, as expected.  Note:  I used the esri.ServerInfo() class because the URL for accessing the tokens from outside the firewall was http://externalservername.com/arcgis/tokens and it should really be https://externalservername.com/arcgis/tokens...

So, all is working until I remove the first layer, http://internalservername/arcgis/rest/services/test/mapserver

When I load the page, I am seeing two errors:

dojo.io.script.error Error: Token Requird
esri.config.defaults.io.proxyurl is not set