Instances Running per machine

Discussion created by smenefee on Apr 12, 2013
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I'd like to verify something if I could.  We have an ArcGIS Server 10.1 site running with 2 ArcGIS Server machines.  If I have a service with the minimum instances set to 0 and the max set to 1, is it possible for the "Instances Running" in ArcCatalog to display 1 or would it always show 2 if someone used that service and an instance was started?  I think it could show 1 because of the way the load balancing works (we're utilizing the web adaptor)...when an end user uses that service it would spin up a new instance on just one of the machines and not the other one, correct?  Then, if another user were to use the service at the same time, it would spin up a new instance on the other machine and Catalog would then show 2.

I'm confused because on the services that I have set with a min of 1 instance, it always show 2 instances in Catalog because there's a min of 1 on each machine running (therefore 2).  However, with a min of 0 set, I believe Catalog could show 1 instance running for that particular service because it only spins up a instance on one machine.  I just want to make sure that makes sense...thanks!