Problem developing a basemap service

Discussion created by dfreeman2005 on Apr 11, 2013
Suppose we want to develop a basemap service that will be used as the background map for multiple projects. We start with a few layers in ArcMap. Perhaps County Boundary, City Boundarys, Major Streets, and Minor Streets. The mxd is built so they draw in that order with the minor streets on top. When this is published as a service, the county boundary becomes layer 4 and the minor streets becomes layer 0. We then build some projects using some or all of these layers.

Later we decide some additional layers are needed in the base map, perhaps airports, hospitals, and schools. So we add these to the mxd so they will draw on top of the earlier layers. Now when the service is recreated, the schools are in layer 0 and the County Boundary is in layer 7. As a result all of my previous projects are broken and have to be remapped to the new layer numbering scheme.

So my first question is - Is there a way to avoid this problem? And second a request to ESRI - Please fix this by numbering the service layers in the same drawing order as the source mxd. That is, the bottom layer should be 0 rather than the top layer as it is now.