"MODE" Merge Rule and some problem in a Spatial Join

Discussion created by pasquale.lanera on Apr 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2013 by doug.sands
I have this problem.
In a Spatial Join the merge rules allow you to specify how values from two or more input numeric fields are merged into a single output value.

In a feature class (FC) I have 4 point features that have this value for the field "Alert_Contaminant":

ID Alert_Level_Contaminant
1           2
2           2
3           3
4           3

If I do a Spatial Join between this FC (join fetures) and a Grid (target), I have to choose for the join features fields, "Alert_Level_Contaminant", the Merge Rule.
I choose the "mode" merge rule because I want the most frequent value. But when two value have the same frequency what value for default the overlay tool choose ?
I want to that between the two values ??????with the same frequency is chosen the one with the highest value. Is it possible ?
Maybe with Python ?
Someone could you help me ?