Layer symbology after upload

Discussion created by GSCUser85 Champion on Apr 11, 2013
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I have just started with AGOL. Got my account sorted a few days ago.
I have started very slooowly.

I opened a new ArcGIS mxd, loaded a fc with 2 polygons in it.
Set the symbology to a hollow fill with a blue / yellow outline. Also set a label with the name of the polygon.
Signed in, did all the checking etc and clicked publish.
When I go to AGOL and look at my content, the symbology is gone to be replaced with a semi-transparent grey fill with a thick black outline. Also no label.
Am I mistaken to think that the symbology of the layer uploaded should be maintained?
Or does all the symbology have to be set within AGOL.
What about symbol quantities (like analytical values for samples), is this all lost?

Thanks in advance,