grid and polygon intersection

Discussion created by maxbre on Apr 10, 2013
- a polygon theme having an attribute table field with building height (HEIGHT)
- many grids (floating point) referring to different heights (z1, z2 , z3,�?�.)  and simulating a pollutant concentration (CONCENTRATION)
I want to find:
- for each grid at a given height (z1, z2 , z3,�?�.) and for a specific map value exceeding a fixed threshold value of pollutant concentration (a selection of the grid)
- the buildings with HEIGTH higher than the grid height (z1, z2 , z3,�?�.) intersecting the selection of the grid (grid cells above the threshold value)

I�?? m asking here which is the best way to proceed considering that the number of buildings and grids is quite big;
I�??m looking for a method to automatise and speed up the whole process 
my configuration is arcview 3.3 with spatial analyst 2.0

any hints for this?