Zoom to ATS Location and Merge Features

Discussion created by courtneysorsdahl on Apr 9, 2013
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Alright. Let me start off by saying I am completely new to python . I am a GIS student and for a project I have (ambitiously) decided to try and make a couple (I thought simple) script tools. The first one I want is to be able to have the user input which meridian, township, range, section, quarter section, and LSD they want to look at (yes just look at) and then have the map zoom to that area. I need the script to still work if any of the fields are left blank (they put in meridian, township, range but nothing else, for example). Simple right? I thought so but apparently my brain is too mushy to figure it out. I have no idea where to start.

The second thing i want to do is a little more tricky. I downloaded multiple NTS base features and need to (in the end) be able to rename them, define the projection, reproject them, merge like-features into one (all hydrology together, all roads together, etc), and then use this final feature in a cost distance analysis. What I've done for this is create a model that iterates through the folder I have all of my folders of base features in and rename them (Hydrology_0, Hydrology_1, etc) and defines the projection and then puts the shapefiles back into the folder of folders (so outside their original ones but inside the folder containing them). I then manually merged them and used them but is there any way to make this simpler using python?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much