story map template isn't making layer interactive

Discussion created by benjaminkreinbrink on Apr 9, 2013
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I've downloaded the basic story map template, (and I've also tried this via the ArcGIS Online Web Application) and followed the ReadMe file verbatim.  The map displays perfectly on my website/server, except that my point layer I've added isn't interactive. Any thoughts?

Clarification of Steps:
1. create point layer in ArcCatalog 10
2. populate layer with specified fields and appropriate values (from ReadMe file)
3. publish as a service in ArcMap 10
4. Via ArcGIS Online, search for layer in an ArcGIS server and use in new map
5. Save and share map
6. Edit index file to include my mapID.
-at this point the map displays correctly (right basemap, layer, etc.), except the point layer isn't interactive like the templates.

Am I missing something?