Georeferenced raster images (TIFF) in the incorrect coordinate system in ArcGIS 9.3.

Discussion created by mgmark on Apr 8, 2013
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I know sounds lengthy and silly, but here it goes. I'm trying to georeference a series of sections of a large hard copy map that I scanned as a TIFF file to existing GIS data and then georefernce to the desired coordinate system (NJ State Plane East Feet, NAD 83) in ArcGIS 9.3 (ArcView license).  After when I georeferenced the images to the GIS data with the 'Rectify' command in the geoprocessing toolbar, the georeferenced imagery lined up with the GIS data just fine. However, when I reviewd the properties of each of the georeferenced images in ArcCatalog, I noticed that the images were assigned a different coordinate system (New York State Plane East Feet, NAD 83).

I tried to solve this issue by opening a blank session of ArcGIS, establishing the data frame's coordinate system to NJ State Plane East feet, adding the GIS data with the correct same NJ State Plane coordinate system and then the unreferenced TIFF imagery to the Table of Contents.  After going through the same georeferencing procedure, I ended up with the same result: georeferenced images assigned to the same incorrect New York State Plane coordinate system. 

Has any one encountered a similar episode? Is it possible that because of my usage of New York data, that a default setting (e.g. Environment Settings) in ArcGIS to be changed to get the imagery referenced to the desired coordinate system? Granted, I work with GIS data projected in both New Jersey and New York State Plane coordinate systems since my office works with data in both of these coordinate systems. 

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