Alternative to replication for copying features in SDE?

Discussion created by jread on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2013 by ksendhil
We need to replicate data from SDE 10.0 to SDE 9.2, which is not possible using replicas due to all the changes between versions 9.2 and 10.  I know of at least one case where someone is doing this very thing using Python, but I unfortunately do not have access to their script and have no idea how they're doing it.

Basically, they are copying a featureclass from SDE 10 to SDE 9.2, while SDE 9.2 is running and also while that featureclass is being accessed in the 9.2 SDE.  I have tried a few options to do this and always run into locks on the 9.2 featureclass since it is currently in use by other users/applications.  We pretty much need to do what a replica does:  synchronize changes (adds/deletes/modifications) in the featureclass between the two databases without having to stop the database or block access to the featureclass.

How would you go about accomplishing this in Python?  I have searched through the geoprocessing documentation and simply cannot figure out how to do this.  All of my searches lead back to replication, but again, creating a replica that will move data from SDE 10 to SDE 9.2 is not possible.

Any and all ideas would be most appreciated!