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Zonal Statistics Field Name Error 010123

Question asked by strandm on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2013 by strandm
I'm trying to replicate the 5-step example outlined in the "How Sink Works" section of the ArcGIS Help files where the end result should give me a value for sink depths (and ultimately a depressionless DEM). (See: I want to fill sinks in my DEM so I can more accurately use the Hydrology tools to create watershed basins, but before I use the Fill tool I want to find the Z limit. Step 3 of the 5-step example uses the Zonal Statistics tool to find the minimum elevation in the watershed of each sink (created in steps 1 and 2). However, Zonal Statistics fails to execute due to Error 010123: "Could not get field name."

I'm using the watersheds raster created in step 2 of the example as my Input Raster, "Value" as the Zone Field option, my DEM as the Input Value Raster, and choosing the MINIMUM option in the Statistics Type field. The only two options available in the drop-down of the Zone Field are "Value" and "Count." Could it be that the field names in the watershed raster (an integer) are called "Pixel value" and "Stretched value" (or "Class value" if the raster's symbology has been classified as opposed to stretched), not simply "Value"? (This raster has no attribute table but those field names become evident when using the Identify tool.) I tried manually typing those field names into the Zone Field to override the drop-down options but that didn't take.

I also read in another forum that this issue may have been fixed with service pack 3.1. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.