ArcGIS Online Apps and ArcGIS Collector tied together

Discussion created by rharman on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2013 by PBarker-esristaff
Hello - I have set up several ArcGIS Online Apps and I have also tested the ArcGIS Collector for Android separately.  I would like to have access to my ArcGIS Online Apps on my mobile phone (ArcGIS Collector for Android) so that I can test updating from the field (ArcGIS Collector) and then viewing in the office (ArcGIS Online)?  I was able to sign in to my ArcGIS Online account from ArcGIS Collector, however I do not see my maps that I created.   I tried searching for maps from the ArcGIS Collector but it only found the 6 examples.   Can someone point me to how to connect up the two?   Thank you for any help on this.  Rhett