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geocoder dijit JS v3.4 returns duplicate candidates in autosuggest

Question asked by derekwaynemiller on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2013 by MDriscoll-esristaff
Hello all,

Has anyone noticed that the geocoder dijit using the default Esri World Geocoder returns duplicate candidates in the auto-suggest list? Is this a compound locator that is returning 1 candidate from two locators, perhaps?

I'm not doing anything fancy.

var geocoder = new esri.dijit.Geocoder({         map: map,         autoComplete: true,         arcgisGeocoder: {             url: "",             name: "Esri World Geocoder",             placeholder: "Find addresses",             suffix: " Portland, OR",             searchExtent: searchExtent,             sourceCountry: "USA"         }         //geocoders: geocoders,         //arcgisGeocoder: true     }, "address");      geocoder.startup();      dojo.connect(geocoder, "onSelect", showR);

The function showR simply returns graphics for the result.

You can view the app here:

I suggest 1900 sw 4th ave as the search string. You'll notice the duplicate suggestions.

I'd like to either fix this or know that it's the expected behavior before I embed this map on our production site.

Thanks, and looking forward to your thoughts