optimization of sensor locations

Discussion created by hajarsig on Apr 5, 2013
hi ,I have a project on the optimization of sensor locations on a
network leakage of drinking water, after an internet search I found
this algorithm to optimize the location of sensors:
???SLOTS??? (Dorini et al., 2010) is a sensor placement routine developed in
response to the BWSN and is intended to generate a good or optimal set of
sensor placements on a given network. The algorithm begins with an
arbitrary set of sensor locations N and continues as follows:
1. One sensor is moved from location to location while all of the other
sensors are held fixed and performance changes are measured each
2. The sensor is placed in the location corresponding to the best
improvement in performance.
3. Once this has been done for the first sensor, the algorithm moves
onto the next sensor and the process is repeated.
4. After all of the sensors have been moved (or not), the algorithm
starts again from the first sensor and follows the same sequence as
the previous loop.
5. The algorithm terminates when there is no further improvement in
performance from loop to loop, or a preset number of loops have
been run.
SLOTS was tested on two case studies from the BWSN and performed
favourably against several greedy algorithm solutions. The solutions to
single-objective problems were often found to exceed 95% of the true
I like the pipe data type polyline
  and valves type points (detectors shall move valve) type point
Now I need to apply this algorithm to place sensors on my network but
I do not know how I do please help me