DEM floating point -> Integer and prj.adf modification problem

Discussion created by tomek_bartus on Apr 5, 2013
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I have DEM data in floating point format. Data are in meter unit with two significant digits after dot (e.g. 418.34 m above sea level). I have to convert the floating point DEM into integer DEM before terrain Arc Hydro Tools preprocessing.


1. Raw data DEM file: DEM
2. The raster calculator -> CMT_cm: CMT*100
3. The raster calculator -> CMT_cm_int: INT("CMT_cm")
4. the prj.adf file edition to set the ZUnits to 100.

NO Zunits

change to:
Zunits 100

Well, now the problem:

after making changes in the prj.adf file and after adding the grid to the stage, the file is modified again by the system to the "Zunits NO" value. File modification took place with closed ArcGIS applications, and was added to a empty stage.
What am I doing wrong?

help ;)